It isn’t necessary to sacrifice style and comfort

brake lining manufacturers Acura’s newest vehicles are putting safety above everything else. The company has been improving the safety technology used in every Acura since its inception in 1986. Research and development in the area of safety, from the inside of each vehicle to the outside, are Acura’s top priorities for every new model. Standard safety features include front air bags, Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) and anti-lock brakes. Acura considers safety in the case of every vehicle enhancement as well.

For example, all Acura navigation systems are mounted high to avoid a distraction or hindrance to the driver’s view. They are also operated by voice recognition if chosen so the driver’s hands can remain securely on the steering wheel at all times. These features have been standard in all Acura’s since their creation. However, Acura is continuing to improve with every new vehicle on the market. The strength of the interior and exterior safety features are heavily tested and some of the recent models have been proven superior.

The popular 2014 RDX, 2014 MDX, 2014 ILX and 2014 ILX Hybrid were all tested for front and side crashes and received 5 stars for safety in both areas. US News conducted its own research and rated the 2014 MDX with five stars for an overall rating, frontal crash and side crash and gave four stars for a rollover. The vehicle, which was ranked No. 1 in Luxury Midsize SUVs, also scored a rating of “good” which is the highest on the safety scale for: Roof Strength Rear Crash Protection Side Impact Small Overlap Front Test Moderate Overlap Front Test These results indicate ongoing improvements by Acura on all their new vehicles.

Critics from US News ranked the MDX a 9.7 out of 10 for safety. Note that the other reliable features were not compromised with scores of 9.5 from critics, 8.0 for performance, 8.0 for interior and 8.9 overall keeping this vehicle is on the top of the list of all luxury vehicles in its class. A Honda news release dated September 27, 2013 states that the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) recognized the 2014 MDX for its excellent safety ratings and unmatched technological advancements such as its new the Forward Collision Warning (FCW) feature. The IIHS awarded the MDX with the title of Top Safety Pick.

Acura’s new 2014 vehicles all come with standard safety features such as the LATCH child seat anchors, an expanded view driver’s mirror and driver’s knee airbags. However, the company offers many additional safety features with these newly innovated models as well. These features display Acura’s latest hard work and dedication to safety. Acura offers available front and rear parking sensors, Lane Departure Warnings (LDW), a Collision Mitigation Braking System (CMBS) and Blind Spot Information (BSI) among other features showing the safety improvements of the newer models. Acura’s are not only practical luxury cars. The company is making it well known that Acura stands for safety. Acura’s are family vehicles and they are created with the customer in mind. The sleek exterior uses the most advanced techniques to create strong and resilient metal for a flawless finish that can with stand impact.

It isn’t necessary to sacrifice style and comfort for safety. With every improvement, Acura blends the features of luxury vehicles with those for safety, creating a smoother blend from year to year. Now that the 5-star overall rating standard has been set, there’s no room to back track. Acura wants customers to expect the best with four out of five 2014 models reaching the 5-star safety achievement. With a record for improvement, expectations are sure to stay high.

brake pad manufacturers Acura knows that people desire sleek and comfortable luxury vehicles for themselves and their families. Everyone ranks safety first when it comes to their own families, so Acura is ranking safety first as well. Thousand Oaks Auto Mall in Thousand Oaks is your full-service new and used auto dealer for over 25 brands, including Audi, Chrysler, Land Rover and more. If you are searching for car dealers using the keywords Thousand Oaks area Audi dealers or Thousand Oaks auto group, visit our dealership today.

The new 2015 Mazda6 showcases a refined powertrain with a curvaceous

brake pad manufacturers The new 2015 Mazda6 showcases a refined powertrain with a curvaceous new exterior that puts confidence into the driver behind the wheel while keeping them safe on the road with the model’s new active safety features; While the new 2014 Ford Fusion comes with stunningly good looks, fully equipped to give drivers a satisfying experience in addition to excellent fuel economy and top-notch safety. While both models’ miles-per-gallon is decent, the 2015 Mazda6 comes in slightly higher at 25 mpg on its base model while the 2014 Ford Fusion only comes in at 22 mpg on its base model whereas the premium model comes it at 47 mpg.

Both the 2015 Mazda6 and the 2014 Ford Fusion has been radically changed since previous models of each line; having received complete redesigns. The 2014 Ford Fusion showcases a stylish new design that boasts a strong and efficient EcoBoost turbo on the V-6 model while the 2015 Mazda6 has become more refined with masculine features that presents a forceful yet beautiful vitality. The new Mazda is more daring and looks more like a sports car than former models in the lineup. While both the 2015 Mazda6 and the 2014 Ford Fusion received an overall rating of 5 stars in their crash tests, the 2014 Mazda6 received 6 more stars in total when all the crash test ratings are combined.

The 2014 Ford Fusion only received a 3-star rating in its Side Barrier Rating Driver and its Combined Side Rating Front Seat tests whereas the 2014 Mazda6 received 5 stars for each of those categories. The 2014 Mazda6 also received 5 stars in the following crash test rating categories (Besides its overall rating); Frontal Barrier Crash Rating Driver, Side Barrier Rating, Overall Side Crash Rating, Combined Side Rating Rear Seat, Side Pole Rating Driver Front Seat, and Side Barrier Rating Passenger Rear Seat.

Furthermore, the 2014 Ford Fusion received a 4-star rating in both the Side Barrier Rating and Overall Side Crash Rating whereas the 2015 Mazda6 received 5 stars in both. Both Sedan vehicles use a regular unleaded I-4 engine and is classified as a mid-size car with 4 doors. Unlike with the 2015 Mazda6, to get the best mpg on the 2014 Ford Fusion, you’ll have to pay premium and there is no rear view mirror on the base model. While the 2015 Mazda6 was not made in the United States, drivers do get an excellent fuel economy under the hood of a well-designed, sporty vehicle with an exceptional style.

The 2014 Ford Fusion only offers drivers the average-spaced back-seat room with a glossy interior trim that’s plastic. While the 2015 Mazda6 doesn’t include Bluetooth on the base model, it’s an easy feature to upgrade to shall the driver decide to. However, the 2014 Ford Fusion does offer drivers an advancement in hybrid technology when it comes to being plugged in. Both the 2015 Mazda6 and the 2014 Ford Fusion is capable of holding 5 passengers; 2 in the front and 3 in the back. When it comes to safety, both automakers implemented newer safety technology that keeps occupants in their vehicles safer through a slew of new features.

The 2014 Ford Fusion is equipped with accident-avoiding features while the 2015 Mazda6′s new safety features keeps it out of trouble. Drivers of the 2014 Ford Fusion can expect to see a total of 8 airbags (several of which are dual front knee airbags, hands-free calling with Bluetooth, and active headrests. For drivers that add an optional safety package, they can also experience lane- departure warning, blind spot monitors, adaptive cruise control and more.

brake pad manufacturers Drivers of the 2015 Mazda6 can experience four-wheel disc brakes with equipped brake assist, lane departure warning, and brake support, rear cross traffic alert, and more so that drivers feel more at ease when they’re behind the wheel.Dave Wood Mazda in Newmarket is your full-service Mazda dealership, providing new and preowned Mazda cars, trucks, and sport utility vehicles. Our factory-trained service technicians have the latest information to keep your vehicle running at peak performance. If you are searching for Mazda dealers using the keywords Dave Wood Mazda dealership or Mazda dealer near me, visit our dealership today!

Larger brake kits are also available

brake shoe manufacturers The 2015 Scion FR-S is a sports coupe that is designed to combine to fun driving dynamics and low pricing. The Scion FR-S for 2015 is a fully modern vehicle from front to back. There is inspiration that comes from a sports car design that is Japanese-based. The plastics have a carbon-look that are durable with a unique flow and simple lines. Monochromatic upholstery provides a backdrop for the gauge cluster. This vehicle is low, sleek and curvy with short deck and long hood proportions. The styling offers the look that is expected for a standard sports car.

A consumer that looks at the front of the vehicle will discover sharply angled vents and a grille opening that is wide. There are slightly flared fenders that bulge up at the hood line. Performance There is only one engine choice and two choices of transmission for the 2015 Scion FR-S. A consumer has the option of a manual six-speed transmission or a six-speed automatic that is paddle-shifted. Both of these transmissions will provide a driver the same amount of fun behind the wheel. The power for the vehicle comes from a 2.0 liter 200-horsepower four-cylinder engine with 151 lb.-ft. of torque. Handling in the corners makes driving this vehicle fun whether you are on the open road or the windy back roads. However, performance upgrades from the factory include a cold-air intake, an impressive exhaust system, and even upgraded wheels.

Larger brake kits are also available. Quality There are many well-built features that are available to feel and touch. One thing to keep in mind is limited cargo space. This is to be expected for a two-plus-two coupe. However, the trunk offers an adequate amount of space for baggage. The rear seats are able to fold down flat to allow more space horizontally. Anyone who wants to spend a day at the track will be able to fit four wheels, four tires, a helmet, and a toolbox. One benefit for taller people is the head and legroom should be decent.

brake lining manufacturers Features Many upgrades and available accessories can help make the Scion FR-S unique for each driver. Consumers have a choice of 340-watt output, premium BeSpoke audio with an LCD screen that is 5.8 inches. One of the better aspects of this vehicle is being able to add upgrades and options individually. This means the consumer does not need to select a package with features that may not be wanted or needed. Efficiency The clear winner for efficiency is to choose the automatic transmission. However, it is not quite as fun as the manual transmission. The automatic transmission is able to achieve 34 miles per gallon on the highway and 25 miles per gallon in the city. If the manual transmission is selected, then the miles per gallon on the highway is 30 and miles per gallon in the city is 22. The starting MSRP for the 2015 Scion FR-S is $25,670. However, option features can increase the price to nearly $31,200. Anyone looking for a fuel efficient and cost effective 2 door sports car, should consider the bold and sleek 2015 Scion FR-S. Bell Road Scion in Phoenix is your full-service Scion dealership, providing new and preowned Scion cars, trucks, and sport utility vehicles. Our factory-trained service technicians will keep your vehicle running at peak performance. If you are searching for Scion cars using the keywords Scottsdale Scion or Scion dealers in Scottsdale, visit our Bell Road Scion dealership today!

It is the awe inspiring Mercedes-Benz F 015 Luxury

brake lining manufacturers Mercedes-Benz has always been known to provide people with luxury. Their vehicles are designed to be a relaxing experience as soon as you climb in behind the wheel, so that you can enjoy the drive ahead of you, no matter where the road may lead. The desire to give people more than a car has likely been a factor in their newest concept car which made its debut at the CES 2015 in Las Vegas.

It is the awe inspiring Mercedes-Benz F 015 Luxury in Motion, a luxury sedan that could be available as early as 2030. The Mercedes-Benz F 015 Luxury in Motion The concept behind this vehicle of the future is simple: to provide luxury and relaxation unlike anything the world has ever seen before and to create a worry-free transportation option for everyone. It has every imaginable safety feature available at this time combined with an egg-shaped body that is over 17-feet long, 6.6-feet wide and 5-feet tall.

The concept version has 26-inch wheels, aluminum high-strength steel body, and a carbon fiber reinforced plastic which makes it lighter by 40 percent. The body is made even more unique by the fact it features LED lighting on the outside, and suicide doors that open up to what can only be described as a very spacious and high-tech lounge. What Is Inside? When you open the suicide doors to their full 90 degrees, you will first notice four rotating lounge chairs. These chairs are electrically powered so that they can swivel automatically to speak to the people who are riding with you or to work on your way to the office.

It has a dashboard that works as a cocoon complete with open-pore walnut wood veneers, metal, glass, and white Nappa leather. Six displays allow you to touch, gesture or simply look in order to control the amount of distractions you must deal with while enjoying the ride. These screens will tell passengers about nearby restaurants and allow them to enjoy gaming, be a part of a video conference or simply be entertained. If the passengers don’t want to be shielded from the view outside, there is also a projector that will show augmented reality.

This projector is synced to the speed at which the F 015 is driving and shows beautiful landscapes of another more-relaxing world on the windows. This self-driving vehicle will alert passengers of an upcoming turn or that the brakes will be applied soon. If you still prefer to drive yourself to the office, never fear, there is a white leather trimmed steering wheel for you to use as well as the traditional gas pedal and brake pedal. The Safety of Self-Driving There are LED lights all around the Mercedes-Benz F 015 concept car.

These lights change color depending on what driving mode the vehicle is in. If the lights are white, it shows you are in charge of the vehicle. If they are blue, it shows others that the car is driving automatically. On the rear of the car, an LED strip can tell drivers behind you that you are going to slow down. On the front of the vehicle they can project a virtual crosswalk and tell pedestrians that it is safe to cross the road in front of them as well as show others where the vehicle will be when it comes to a complete stop.

brake pad suppliers Availability Self-driving vehicles is not a new concept. Rumor has it that within this decade there will be self-driving cars available to many people. This concept vehicle could be a reality one day in the near future. However, while there is no set release date, there may be test runs done in California soon to see how well the concept of the self-driving Mercedes-Benz F 015 Luxury in Motion sedan can function on busy streets. Silver Star A.G. Ltd in Thousand Oaks is your full-service Mercedes-Benz dealership, providing new and preowned Mercedes-Benz cars, trucks, and sport utility vehicles.

Using telematics data to track fleet vehicles

brake pad factory Using telematics data to track fleet vehicles can be a valuable tool for fleet managers, with the analytics technology providing a wealth of information to help with the day-to-day running of operations. One of the most important aspects of this is the ability to identify good and bad driver behaviours in order to offer targeted training and increase profits across the company. 

Bad Driving Costs MoneyIt is estimated that bad driving habits cost the transport industry many millions of pounds every year, but by understanding how a driver’s “style” impacts several issues, including fuel consumption, environmental factors, safety and vehicle wear and tear, fleet managers can tailor their training programmes to focus on specific needs. Making the move to utilising telematics data to its fullest potential in this way can result in vast improvements in productivity and profitability.Identifying and Tracking Driver BehaviourThere are many ways in which driver behaviour can be monitored by using telematics data to tell the story, and the analytics of this data can be used to determine the cost in terms of fuel consumption and wear and tear on vehicles.

Fuel usage (use of green band driving)Targeting Driver Training By using telematics data to determine a driving style with reference to the above issues, most drivers can be grouped into “bands”, ranked from those who consistently perform at an optimal standard, to those who display persistently poor driving behaviours. Identifying an individual driver’s ranking allows fleet managers to target specific training programmes to those who need it and, in extreme cases, can even afford a vital insight into those who may need to be relieved of driving duties altogether.Access to real-time data from vehicles enables you to quickly identify any concerns and act on them.

For instance, issues like speeding, harsh cornering and excessive braking can be addressed immediately with instant feedback from a device positioned in the cab. The device not only flags up infringements or unsafe practices, but also offers advice on how to correct such behaviour or drive more efficiently. This kind of “digital co-pilot” acts as a deterrent to conscious bad habits, as well as having an immediate and positive effect on fuel consumption and vehicle wear and tear.Making drivers aware and accountable for their actions through targeted training programmes enables them to have a hand in driving company profits and in their own personal growth.

brake pad suppliers By furnishing employees with a mobile app that affords instant access to their own driving data, they’re able to establish good habits and take ownership of their performance.Performance Equals ProfitsBy using telematics data to assess the fleet’s performance on an individual basis, managers are able to provide targeted training and also use the extra time gained to focus on other core activities. But in order to ensure that productivity and profits are enhanced to an optimal standard, a commitment to this kind of technology must be implemented across the entire organisation.  

Automobiles are the complex machines

Automobiles are the complex machines whose parts can become damaged, age or malfunction over time.

“Prevention is better than cure!” Remember the old cliché? It’s not far from the truth! Being a car owner, one must be aware of the common problems that occur in your car and how to prevent them. So, scheduling a regular maintenance service is crucial to avoid many of the car repairs in Marrickville.

In this write up, we can learn about different costly auto repairs and how to handle them efficiently.

Oxygen Sensor Replacement

When there is a problem associated with the oxygen sensor, the ‘check engine’ light automatically comes on. Having a quick check using a handheld scanner helps you to decide whether it needs replacement or not. To know about the recommended mileage, get help from a professional or refer to your car’s manual. Based on the make and design of your car, the professional decides the number replacement sensors required by vehicle’s exhaust system, catalytic convertor, and more.

Fuel Cap Tightening

Improperly tightened fuel cap is another common auto repair mistake in Marrickville that leads to gas fumes leakage. It is also estimated that 95% of the engine gas leaks are caused by improper fuel cap tightening. Having a well-tightening fuel cap saves you more fuel and maximises the lifespan of the duel pump.

Catalytic Convertor Replacement

The important component of a vehicles emission control system is catalytic convertor. Catalytic convertor plays a major role in recirculating the unburned gas back to vehicles engine and cleans up the cars exhaust. Even a single problem in this convertor causes unwanted additional emissions resulting in rough ride and reduced fuel efficiency. This issue can be identified by the sulphur or rotten egg smell arising from the catalytic convertor.

Mass Airflow Sensor Replacement

Mass airflow sensor is used to track and verify the amount of air entering into the fuel injection engine. The common signs of faulty mass airflow sensor are,

- Hard to start engine
- Engine stalls shortly after starting
- Engine jerks while on acceleration
- Drags while idle
- Engine hiccups

Other preventative measures that should be taken care of includes,

- Spark plug replacement
- EGR valve replacement
- Coolant temp sensor replacement
- Ignition coil replacement
- Intake manifold gasket replacement
- Electronics repair and more.

Want to keep you ride in god brake shoe manufacturers shape? Want to be safe on road or save more money in the long run? Then, hire the best auto repair in Marrickville to avoid costly auto repairs and have a safe journey.

Where so many Sci-Fi serials have come and gone

November 23rd 1963, that was the date Doctor Who made its day view some 45 years ago on BBC television, little did the shows creators know that they had just launch what would become the longest running science fiction series of all time!

So How Did Doctor Who Come To Be?

In 1962 the year before Doctor Who’s first ever Television debut, the BBC’s head of Drama, Sydney Newman, needed a new Saturday night family series to fit in between it’s current programs for Saturday night, Grandstand and Juke Box Jury.
Ideas for the new series ranged from trouble-shooters from the future, flying saucers, telepathy and a time machine. Of cause we all know which one came out on top, time travel

There were four main characters for the series; two of them would be formed by the two school teachers, Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright. The teenage viewers could identify with Susan Foreman, one of their pupils, even if she happened to be an alien, she look just like a human so it made no difference. And then there was the absolute star of the show, the Doctor him self. An anti hero known only by the Doctor, from where the title for the series would come; Doctor Who? The phrase would come up continuously in future episodes as new characters inquired into who the Doctor was, Doctor Who??

The Doctor and his companions set off on there adventures for brake lining manufacturers the first time in November 23rd of 1963, traveling 100,000 years into earths past to help some cavemen discover fire for the first time.

Doctor Who’s icons

Probable the most memorable thing in Doctor Who, other than its characters, was and still is the Tardis, the time machine that allowed the Doctor and his companions to travel though space and time. From the concept of it being far bigger on the inside than on the outside, to its appearance brake pad factory as an old blue British telephone box, to the unique sounds it emits while in operation, it has become one of the icons of Doctor Who.

Another thing that no one forgets easily about Doctor Who, is its theme music, being one of the first ever electronic pieces of music ever created, it is to this day a time less piece. There had been nothing like it when it was created and to this day there still continues to be nothing like it, it’s simply unique!

Expanding the series into other Medias

The popularity of Doctor Who grew and grew and soon the BBC was running exclusively written episodes for radio performed by past actors of the series who had played the Doctor. In addition to this in the mid seventies the BBC started to release soundtracks of the television episodes in audio book format! Again due to there popularity The BBC started to bring out the radio episodes in Doctor Who audio book and even totally new episodes written exclusively for audio book release! More recently Doctor Who has had its first spin-offs with Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures!

Where so many Sci-Fi serials have come and gone, Doctor Who has managed to stay afloat and become the longest running Sci-Fi series of all time, not even the great Star Trek and Star Gate Sci-Fi serials have been on the air for as many calendar years. Doctor Who’s ability to always change with the times, so as to always appeal to it’s audience is in my mind what has allowed it to go on for so long, the only question is, will it continue for another 45 years? Only time will tell.

Brake pads tend not to change, you have to recognise!

In the braking procedure, the brake pads are very important because it determines the braking effect. Some maintenance manuals say the fact that brake pads ought to be replaced every 30, 000 km’s, but in fact there is a difference because each particular person has different driving brake pad manufacturers ailments, different road conditions and also different wear conditions. Any time does the brake sleep pad change? Miss sister coach you on a few strokes ~

A peek at the brake pad thick

Each car brake pad carries a different thickness, but when it has on to about brake shoe manufacturers 3mm or to the bottom of your groove, the brake cushion basically reaches the restrict, quickly change, do possibly not drag. Some cars probably are not able to see and also see the wear belonging to the brake pads. Then you should prepare a caliper. The smaller the length, the newer. On that contrary, the larger the distance, the older the brake pads.

Slotted brake pads

Brake calipers

Second check out the computer tips

There are brake warning lights within the general car dashboard. Should the warning light is about, it reminds you to evaluate the brake pads. Nevertheless, the brake pads can not be changed completely without investigating the warning lights, because some warning programs directly sense the thickness belonging to the brake pads, while others have brake pads which were completely worn, and the brake fluid drops to produce the warning lights first start.

Three to see that brake response

It’s time to find out the old driver! If the brake pads become thinner, the brake response with the car will become slow, the braking effect will be significantly weakened, the brakes might be soft, and the brakes will probably be pressed hard. This time you must check whether the brake pads are seriously worn or maybe not.

Brake pads are worn out consumables. Be sure to develop the habit connected with self-testing. Check every week, or every time going for maintenance, let the master take a peek and know what to complete.